Interfaith Intercultural Wedding Ceremonies

"The world, for me, and all the world can hold is circled in your arms, for me there lies within the lights and shadows of your eyes the only beauty that is never old." -James Weldon Johnson

It is important in life to take pause, reflect and reaffirm. It is a key to life!

A renewal of vows ceremony is a meaningful, touching and revivifying ceremony. Often couples comment how surprisingly romantic it all felt. Many cry more than they did at their first wedding! It is a wonderful example to set for your children and grandchildren. Significant anniversaries are an especially appropriate time for renewing your commitment. It is a time to celebrate your love and the life you have created together.

We offer a selection of vows, blessings and prayers which are appropriate for mature love. Some couples choose to take the very same vows as when they first wed. Most choose to select or write new vows.

Sometimes new rings are purchased for the occasion. There are wonderful ways to involve your children and grandchildren. As with our first time weddings, we offer prayers, readings, rituals and verse which celebrate every tradition, creed and culture.

Spirituality, love, relationship, marriage and family are emphasized. Afterwards, we sign a beautiful vow renewal certificate for you to keep.

Special note: Rev. Macomb has been happily married to her life love and best friend since September 1986. She really understands the beauty and power of committed love—and it shows.

For couples who have learned the art of marriage we offer some particularly appropriate readings.

Here The Anniversary Song, by Naomi Long Madgett:

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