Interfaith Intercultural Wedding Ceremonies

Hello and congratulations on your upcoming marriage! Finding one’s life love and partner is a gift and a blessing.

Through her intensive personalized approach, Rev. Susanna Stefanachi Macomb has revolutionized how wedding ceremonies are done. Handcrafting each service with love, artistry and attention to detail is the hallmark of her approach. Each ceremony is unique and completely reflective of the couple, their relationship and beliefs. The results are extraordinary. Here is the art of ceremony and ritual.

“I spend time getting to know you—attuning to who you are. It is my aim to give you all that you desire, but much more than you dreamed possible. We want your guests to leave sprinkled in the stardust of your love---feeling that they have witnessed something powerful. A truly spiritual ceremony pierces the veil of the everyday and touches the transcendent. Our ceremonies are genuine, heartfelt, natural and elegant. There are tears, smiles, moments of quiet reflection---and laughter. We honor and include family in the most beautiful ways. There is room for all of it! Your wedding should be a transformative experience that resonates throughout your life, remaining alive within you forever. Let’s make it a love story—a sacred love story. ” -Rev. Susanna

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