Interfaith Intercultural Wedding Ceremonies

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I don't believe in simply performing a ceremony, my job is to inspire! Family and friends will leave sprinkled in the stardust that is you. Each ceremony I do is a love story. Guests often think I knew the couple for years. When I became an interfaith minister, I was determined to not perform rote, cookie cutter ceremonies. I believed that ceremonies should reflect the power and enormity of what is transpiring within the participants. 23 years and over 3000 extraordinary ceremonies later, that still remains true. My book, Joining Hands and Hearts, Interfaith, Intercultural Wedding Ceremonies, remains the primer for creating such ceremonies. When it comes to interfaith, intercultural marriages there is no one with more sensitivity or expertise. My work has been featured on television, radio and in various print and web media. This is a work that makes the heart sing! This is my passion
—for I am in love with love.